Friday, March 23, 2012

Parshat Vayikra, 5772/2012 thoughts

You can read the basics of Leviticus 1:1–5:26 here.

As I said in Parshat Vayikra (Friday, March 11, 2011), I have no interest in the restoration of animal sacrifices, so this parsha/weekly reading, and much of Sefer Vayikra/the Book of Leviticus, is of limited relevance to me. (Reform Baal Teshuvah's comment to the linked post is worth a look.)

That said, I'm curious to know why some ancient altars had horns, and why the blood of animal sacrifices was put on them. Calling all archeologists!

I recommend Conservadox's D'var Torah - Vayikra post, which is certainly more interesting than this one.


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